How Can You Help?

Courageous Hearts Horsemanship runs off of the funds generated from the services we offer, but also from the kindness of others in their donations.  Sometimes families come that cannot afford the cost of the services, and CHH will not turn away anyone in need of our horses and services.  Besides the need for our riders, our program demands the care, cost, and tlc of taking care of our therapeutic horses, equipment, and overall needs of continually running.  This is where YOU can help!
1.  DONATE- you can donate 

2. VOLUNTEER your special talents or help with the program!

see details below!

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Click the link below to send a donation Via PayPal-  Please remember to add your contact information so that we can thank you!

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1. SPONSOR A THERAPY HORSE:  Choose a Therapeutic horse at CHH to 'sponsor'and your sponsorship will help fund that horse for the allotted time frame, and help all of their participants!
         * Cost:   $700 per 6 month sponsorship  or $1400 per ONE year sponsorship
         * Benefits:
                      *  Your name/business name will be displayed on the horses stall in our barn for all of our  
                          riders, clients, and public to see for the allotted sponsored time.
                      *  Receive a plaque for appreciation from CHH for your kind sponsorship
                      *  Receive social media and website recognition for your sponsorship and the photos of 
                          how your sponsorship has made a difference for the horse AND riders.

2. DONATION OF ANY SIZE : Donations of every size are greatly appreciated!  You will receive a tax deduction letter for all of your kind donations.


          GOLD: $5,000 - $10,000
                Benefits:   Tax deduction, GOLD plaque of appreciation from CHH,  social media and website
                                      recognition, CHH sponsor banner displayed in our barn and arena with your name
                                      or business name  for the allotted year time frame.
         SILVER: $ 2,000 - $5,000
                 Benefits:  Tax deduction, receive a SILVER plaque of appreciation from CHH, social media 
                                      and website recognition, CHH sponsor banner displayed in our arena with your 
                                      name or business name for the allotted year time frame.
          BRONZE: $1,000 - $2,000
                   Benefits:  Tax deduction, receive a BRONZE plaque of appreciation, CHH sponsor certificate
                                        displayed in our barn with your name or business name.  Receive pictures and 
                                        updates of the difference your sponsorship has made.


Do you have any special services that could help our program run?
         construction, utility, equine professional services, and more will always help our program help 
          others and complete our mission of making a difference!
Want to help with our riders?  We are always looking for sidewalkers and horse leaders to help with our lessons!  Contact us to sign up for volunteer training!